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"Saw a black GTO actually parked on the street..."

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"Saw a black GTO actually parked on the street in Hancock Park yesterday... Jul 11, 2004 - 01:16 AM

...a block away from the bank where I went for the ATM. When it drove away, the sound it made was glorious. Glad to see someone actually driving it and not keeping it as a 'garage queen'."

A friend on the Timezone automotive forum made this post today. Does anyone know the car? I'm wondering if it was genuine or a very good replica. BTW, Hancock Park is a section of Los Angeles.
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it's a fake then

there are only 2 "black" 250 GTO's, and they are actually very dark blue, it looks like black, you can only tell that it's blue when you are staring at it from 30 cm with good light

and 1 is in england from Brandon Wang
and the other one is in Switzerland
I think he means 288 GTO? I did see a 288 GTO converted from a 308 a year ago. It was being sold in St. Louis? for about $70,000 and even had the twin turbos added. Maybe this car?

If it was a real 250 GTO I think the guy was nuts. Just look at what happened to Jon Shirley's car at an event! I'm all for driving 250 GTOs but not in public on public roads with so many morons.

a 288 GTO

you mean this one then?

and if it ins't then it is certainly a respray since all 288 GTO's left the factory in red.
There are a few of these floating around altered by the same company but the one I saw did not have that wing or the #12 on it. I'll try to dig up a photo of the one I'm talking about.
No, he meant 250GTO. So, either it was a pretty good replica or someone's GTO had a recent paint job.
then it's a replica

a GTO doesn't get all of a sudden a black paintjob, most stay in the colours that they where raced in.

and all the know US GTO's are red, blue with white stripe, blue with yellow stripe, red with french stripe, grey with blue stripe & grey
Dj Dirk said:
a GTO doesn't get all of a sudden a black paintjob, most stay in the colours that they where raced in.
It was just a little tongue-in-cheek, Dj. However, mine spent time racing in blue, but subsequently went red for the better part of its life.

Does anyone lay claim to the replica in question, or is it to remain a mystery?
well, nowaydays they don't change paint all of a sudden, that's a bit better phrased.

and what do you mean lay claim to the replica?
I miss placed me most recent 250GTO register :evil:

When I find it I'll post who is in the LA area with one. Dirk, he is asking if anyone reading this forum wants to claim the 250 as theirs and tell us more about it.

If it is a replica I'd like to know what chassis they used. There is a replica in the classifieds right now.
Thank you, Bob. I, too, would like to learn more about the apparition, as I don't think my friend would have been fooled by one of those damnable Datsun 240Z conversions. Furthermore, his reference to the sound of the engine as it drove away leads me to believe that something else was at work here.

BTW, we'll have to find an emoticon to indicate irony.
I didn't say a thing, but thanks anyway ;)

It could be a 250 GTO replica based on a Ferrari chassis. Those are pretty accurate because they have the same wheelbase and engine/exhaust system. Sounds and looks the same. Only a s/n hunter or a very sharp eye can spot those.
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