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Saved the ignition switch!!

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The key switch had been giving me trouble for about a year. Always had to wiggle the key and fool with it to get it to turn. But hey, 26 year old key switch right? You got to expect it ain't gonna work like new.

Well today I backed the car out of the garage to do a little polishing. I go to start it again to run to the store, the key won't go into the start position. The lock was so tight it actually started to twist the key and I was worried about breaking the key off in the ignition. This was the replacement key I had cut, the original key wouldn't turn the lock at all.

Oh freakin' great. There's a car show I want to go to this weekend and I won't be able to take the Ferrari because the key won't work. I'm gonna have to order a new ignition switch and right now I'm probably going to have to push the car back into the garage.

Well I had some powdered graphite lubricant in my toolbox. It's made for locks so I thought well I'll give this a try and see if it does anything. The results were immediate! After squirting some of this powder into the cylinder I was able to start the car. I couple of on and off cycles and the switch works like new! Both keys work! Works better than when I bought the car.

So if you have any key operated device that isn't working smoothly, get yourself some powdered graphite lubricant (at the hardware store) and squirt some in there. It really works!
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Good tip Pete - my Ferrari ignition works fine, but I've been having a similar problem with my wife's Mercedes - I'll have a go!!
When you get some for the wife's M-B, squirt a little in the Ferrari ignition and door locks for preventative maintenance. After I saw how it worked on my Ferrari, I used up the whole tube squirting it in all the cars and house locks.
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