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Sacramento EuroSunday 2007 continuous post.

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Sacramento EuroSunday 2007 continuous post.

Main Page :

In an effort to continue to grow EuroSunday, we have decided to make one continuous post that people can subscribe too for future events as well as outings. We will post pics and comments here as well. Please also take the time to add yourself to our email list

Remaining dates for 2007

August 26, 2007
September 23, 2007
October 28, 2007
November 25, 2007
December (pending)


Sacramento EuroSunday is open to the community and local car clubs. The event was originally ignited by some local Sacramento Ferrari owners and has grown to include all types of European vehicles. The event has a wide range of cars and motorcycles from the classic Morgan, MG, Ducati, Aston Martin, and Fiat all the way to the Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Ford GT. EuroSunday is geared towards the super, exotic, rare, and vintage vehicles. These events give the owners a venue to share their cars and motorcycles with those who rarely see such vehicles on the road. We welcome all enthusiasts no matter what they drive (Euro or not) to come out and participate. This is an open invitation to all who can respect the location, the attendees, the vehicles, our codes of conduct, and the law.

PLEASE spread the word to people who you know that love cars and motorcycles. We also ask you to find those who have rarely seen vehicles sitting in their garage to bring them out to let others get a close view of their mechanical pieces of art.
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Last EuroSunday we had one of the best turn out of cars yet. We had a large variety of exotics and a full range of modified cars including a 650 HP BMW M5. We also had many new participates attending the event for the first time. All in all it was a great day of fun and friends.
More images at:

This month is our charity event. Please make sure to fill out the forum if you plan on attending the event as well as making a contribution to the charity to support a worthy cause.

Some images of last event

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Hello Everyone:

This is just a reminder that this weekend 9/23 is EuroSunday. Also this weekend is our charity event for Sacramento Child Advocates. Please spread the word to friends and family to attend as we have a great day planned. We also have plenty of food at the after party so please make sure if you have friends attending to sign up so we can have a accurate head count for parking.
Just a little fyi. We have some killer raffle prizes at the end of the day party. We can’t tell you more as that will spoil the fun.

Thank you

EuroSunday Staff
Jay Morris, owner of Ground Control ( in Shingle Springs had some outstanding questions that we would like to pass on to all;

• What kind of drive/rally is this?

Very casual and at your pace. We have 7 rally points to be hit within pretty liberal time frames. We also have numerous optional rally points to find inbetween our designated spots for bonus points. Then we added a good dash of "scavenger hunt" to take it up a notch.

• Is it perhaps a gimmick rally that my 3 boys might have fun participating

Yes, the scavenger hunt list will be given to all registrants days in advance to begin the hunt at your pace. Many photo ops in addition to some door knocking, computer searching, and phone calls to get to the desired items. Kids would have a blast for a good portion of this leg work. During the rally, there will be riddles to get to "bonus" rally points that you will not be directed to by the volunteers. You can always "pay"/donate for the answer, but the fun for kids will be in the treasure hunt atmosphere.

• Is it a wine and cheese rally that my wife might like to go to?

My wife was instrumental in picking this winery. Great shopping, great food, incredible scenery, and great wine too. Anticipate scoring many many points with this one....points with the wife, and not for the rally. ;)

• Is it a "Guys" rally that one of my friends might like to go to?

This whole event is a "guys" rally! Its cars, cars, cars everywhere! We have added the scavenger hunt, rally, wine, and food to encourage regular attendees to come as couples and families (hoping to attract even more attendees) while we give back to the community. For those that enjoy the EuroSunday events...this is the same deal, but dragging the community to us while we have fun!
Jay, thanks for the questions.

Thanks also for your continued support and suggestions.
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We like to wish special thanks for to the following sponsors for making this event happen.

Sacramento Child Advocates
Commerce Printing
Late Shift group
Bella Piazza Winery
It’s a grind
ASG and Asset Strategies Group

For those of you who have not decided yet on attending this years charity event and rally. Here are what items we will be raffling off this year. These are only available for those who attend the party and buy tickets. Obviously ;-)

$350 Shop Service
Momo Steering Wheel
Momo Shift Knob
$200 Detail
Kings Tickets w/parking
Spa day for Two at ?
Gift Certificates---Fran’s, Dinner and show
$300 Detail
Concept Cars by Chris Rees
1/87 Herpa Porsche 911/993 Twin Turbo
1/64 AutoArt Subaru Impreza WRC 2002 #10
1/64 AutoArt Subaru Impreza WRC 2002 #11
1/64 AutoArt Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII WRC #7 (2 of these)
1/64 AutoArt Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII WRC #8
1/43 Dinky diecast 1965 Triumph TR4A mint in original box white with black interior
1/24 Tamiya Porsche Boxster Special Edition plastic kit still shrink wrapped/sealed.
Beginning Motorcycle riders course from A&S
2 X Meguiar's COMPLETE car kits
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Man was this lots of work!!!! But, we raised money for SCA, had a very successful event that will be the foundation for many "annual events" to come, and most important we had a GREAT TIME!!!

First - EuroSunday had some fantastic 2007 sponsors;

ASG - Larry Stiver
Bella Piazza Winery -
Commerce Printing - Gil Caravantes
IPB AutoSport - Ron Kain
It's A Grind Coffee - Mark Wadell
The Late Shift Creative Group - Steve Alfano

Surprisiningly, EuroSunday main event had its lowest turnout ever! I believe we had a higher turnout during February's rainstorm. Adam and Steve counted in the neighborhood of 50-60 vehicles. We later found out that we had some folks showed up at the other "Its A Grind Coffee" in Elk Grove, while even more showed up at the Pavilion's site for a EuroSunday. Without realizing it, we had 3 EuroSunday sites on this overcast day. Not bad...but of course we wanted everyone in one spot. For reference to all...EuroSunday will continually change locations. Its important to take notice via word of mouth, emails, or the website for the next event's location. I heard EuSu venues have been likened to "Fight Club", where you must know the right way to obtain the location to be able to attend. We will continue this format in the future to keep the public at bay, not wear out our welcome in any one spot, and to gather sponsored venues to keep this event thriving!

On to the Rally 4 Kids;

Our "Breakfast Club" made a spirited run to start the event to find tons of volunteers getting banners up, setting up giveaway items, and gathering more sign-ups for the rally, scavenger hunt, and the dinner. Its A Grind Coffee was rolling out their "EuroSunday Blend" of coffee, River City Promotions was rolling out the beginnings of apparel for EuSu attendees, and the mix of Euro cars and motorcycles began to roll on in.

The rally started @ 10:30 am and had a few teams caravanning together making the ride much more fun with radios, cell phones, and a bit of spirited driving throughout Sacramento. We had representation from BMW, Lamborghini, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes. The scavenger hunt was an all out war among some participants (many of which had been gathering items for up to a week in advance - i.e. one Ferrari owner (Orrie) was carrying a mannequin in his 355 Spyder for a week on his quest to win!). Winners of the rally were Colby Sandman and Joe DeSantis of Luxury Motorcars...they were easy to spot driving around the greater Sacramento area in a Bentley Arnage. Michael Devereaux drove his Alfa Romeo in areas not even necessary and was granted the coveted "Most Lost" award! The Swain family walked away as winner to the scavenger hunt. Despite the intense competition....they easily man-handled all of the competition in their Dakar Yellow BMW M3. Most thought Orrie in his Ferrari 355 Spyder was a shoe-in win with his many hard-to-find items (incl. a mannequin) already at hand. The award for "Spirit of the Rally" went to Gene and Jo. Of course they were there in their Fire Red Mercedes. Both with smiles as they came close to drifting through a few corners on the rally itself. Seeing them have so much fun elevated everyone else's enthusiasm to another level!

Dinner at the winery was FANTASTIC. The winery folks really set things up nice for us. The weather was perfect, and scenery was outstanding. We had some great raffle prizes and giveaways while drinking our wine, enjoying tri-tip, smoked pork, Italian sausage, numerous side dishes, and making our signature EuroSundays (ice cream with your choice of toppings!)....all in an effort to raise money on an ever so grateful Sacramento Child Advocates. Thanks for participating everyone! And if you missed it this year, we'll begin ticket sales for next year at our EuroSunday table on October 28th being held at the Pavilions. See you there!

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Last EuroSunday we had one of the best turn out of cars yet. We had a large variety of exotics and a full range of modified cars including a 650 HP BMW M5. We also had many new participates attending the event for the first time. All in all it was a great day of fun and friends.
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