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rpm vs. exhaust noise

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Hello All,

I have since 4 weeks a new F360 Spider F1 and it seems that the exhaust does not make the same noise at low and "high" rpm's. Actually, I limit the car to max. 5000 rpm, but now the engine does not make too much noise when I drive "normal"..2000-3000 rpm. Only if I step on the accelerator and go above 4000 rpm, the nice Ferrari sound comes back. When the car was new, I had it almost all the time...

Does anyone know if there is some electronics behind the use of the 4 exhaust pipes ? Does the engine controls something ?

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The newer 8 cylinder cars (355 and 360) have a solenoid that opens up at around 5000rpm, it allows the exhaust to flow easier. At least on the stock exhausts they do, aftermarkets don't. Ferrari claims this is to help with low end torque, although there maybe some validity to that (very very little), it's mostly to deal with noise regulations and emissions. Kind of a tangent, but for those familiar with modern powerboats, most of the same type of exhaust valve except that are operated with a switch on the console whereas the ferrari does it automatically.
Ferrari give you all sorts of BULLSH*T about how theses vacuum operated valves increase torque by varying backpressure - in actual fact the only reason they exist is to homologate the car to pass EC noise legislation (a lot stricter than USA).
Bret, It seems that your on hands experience with Ferrari recently has paid off. Good work and nice explanation of the above question. Magoo
Same thoughts Magoo. Way to go Bret. It's great to have yours and others' (Magoo included) experience and knowledge around. I will say, "you guys can make me feel pretty stupid!" Thanks for being here.


Don't worry, I too feel pretty stupid on occasion. The newer ones are pretty uniform, but the older you go the more small differences you find between same model cars. For example, there are so many tiny changes in the 308 series that it's almost ridiculous. The Italians definitely don't use the same regimented building styles of the Germans or Americans.

I'm sure I feel stupid more often than you! But hey, that's how you learn, right?


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