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anybody going to the Nurburgring this weekend?
i'll be there for the 2nd round of the European Le Mans Endurance Series.
there are some ferrari's on the grid

61 BARRON CONNOR RACING (NL) Ferrari 575 GTC Thomas Biaggi(IT)
Danny Sullivan(US)
John Bosh(NL)
62 BARRON CONNOR RACING (NL) Ferrari 575 GTC Mike Hezemans (NL)
Jean Denis Deletraz (CH)
Ange Barde (FR)
86 LARBRE (FR) FERRARI 550 Maranello Pedro Lamy (PT)
Christophe Bouchut (FR)
Steve Zacchia (CH)
70 JMB RACING (MC) Ferrari 360 Modena GT Roman Rusinov (RU)
Jaime Melo (BR)
Stéphane Daoudi (FR)
92 CIRTEK MOTORSPORT (AUS) Ferrari 360 Modena GTC Frank Mountain (UK)
Rob Wilson (NZ)
Hans Hugenholtz (NL)
97 AUTO PALACE (FR) Ferrari 360 Modena NGT Steeve Hiesse (FR)
Gian Paolo Ermolli Jr (IT)
Giovanno Lavaggi (IT)

should be an very intersting race weekend, so if somebody else is going let me know
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