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justynb said:
I think he is swapping the older spider for a brand new one. He seems to keep cars for about 6 months before changing them.
A friend of my dad's boss buys new cars to keep himself busy, adrives it for a few days, then it stays in the garage, en trades it in after 6 months.

One day he stood in front of the red light, when a brand new M3 stopped next to him. He stepped out of his vehicle, walked to the guy, asked where he bought it. Next day he went to that pace, and asked what the car in the showroom should cost. Not from factory, no that model, and he wanted it to be picked up next day.

He has several Ferrari's en often comes in the basement of Ferrari Kroymans. Lucky bastard, but it's an asshole, because he didn't want to take me with him on one of his visits, and I'm not even allowed to photograph his cars. so actually he's a big dork
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