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If you love to drive, there’s nothing better than putting your high-performance street car through its paces on an open, winding road. Or tackling the tight turns at Infineon Raceway or another Northern California track on an open driving day.
But any driver who has done this has experienced first-hand the effects of centrifugal force.
You know how your body gets pulled toward the outside of the turn when you take it at speed? That same force is applied to your car. This tends to lower the outside and raise the inside of the vehicle. Take a turn fast enough and centrifugal force will gladly flip your car side-over-side!
Stabilizer bars are designed to counter this roll by shifting the force from one side of your car’s body to the other. Commonly known as sway or roll bars, they become an integral part of your car’s suspension system and are essential on any high-performance street vehicle or race car.

Selecting the Right Stabilizer Bar

Stabilizer bars are not just stylish “airfoils.” Rather, they are torsion devices that attach to the left and right side of your vehicle’s suspension and help to counteract centrifugal force and keep your car flat all the way through the corner — even at high speeds.
Because of this, it’s critical that you work with a suspension professional when installing one. Stabilizer bars come in adjustable and non-adjustable types. They can be solid or hollow and vary greatly in size and quality. A true suspension professional will be able to guide you in the best fit for your car. And this same technician can help you install the sway bar so you receive the benefits of better, more predictable handling and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Understanding Installation Requirements

Some stabilizer bars can be installed in as little as 45 minutes; others may require up to six hours and involve welding or removal of the sub-frame as part of the process.
If the bar you choose is not installed properly, it may not only fail to deliver the desired benefits, but it may also actually make your ride rougher and noisier. Too little torsion, and you’ll still have serious roll in tight corners. Too much torsion and every bump you hit will be transmitted from one side of your car to the other. Neither is a fun driving experience.

Turning to Borelli Motor Sports

Borelli Motor Sports provides expert technicians who have a vast amount of experience and the specialized expertise necessary to properly install stabilizer bars.
Dave Graff has been installing sway bars for 35 years, and he knows how to adjust the bars to not only suit your car, but also to account for the way you drive. In addition, Dave understands the other components that can contribute to a smooth ride — such as the type of tires you use, your springs and shocks, and the importance of suspension tuning.

Make certain any rock and roll is on your radio, not causing your car to corner inefficiently. For more information about installing stabilizer bars or to make an appointment to have your car evaluated, e-mail Addison Lee, General Manager, or call him at (408) 770-1220.

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