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Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!

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Not bad Barry,
from with marque is this one, cuz 3 company's are bringing them out, and do you have all 3 of them already?
Barry, I have the regular version of the DeLorean made by Sun Star, 1:18.

They really perfected the brushed stainless finish on this model. Looks exactly like the real one.
Peter and Dirk,

This model is also 1:18 by Sunstar and yes, the brushed stainless looks just like the real DeLorean's finish. In one of the pictures it looks a little yellow because of the fluorescent lighting in the room.

It's a nice model which features a slide button on the bottom which pivots the wheels horizontally to allow for hovering. There's a flux capacitor between the seats and a Mr. Fusion unit mounted on the rear deck which obviates the need for Plutonium as fuel to generate the 1.21 Gigawatts necessary to power the flux capacitor which makes time travel possible.

I couldn't resist buying this one for my collection!

that's a 1/18??
looks pretty good for that size
I knew that they are coming out in 1/43 from all 3 movies

IS that the Corgi series you are talking about? Minichamps also made a regular Delorean in 1/43.

Man, one of mmy favorite movies. I like the sentence:

Marty: 'Wait a minute, Doc! YOU're telling ME... you build a time-machine out of a DELOREAN????'
Doc:" Well I thought if you are gonna built a time-machine into a car, why not add some style!'

Niels :D :D
Does Corgi also make them??

in 1/43 Minichamps, Sun Star and a japanese brand is making them
They do make the Back to the Future version! Don't know about the others. I didn't know Sunstar also made a 1/43 version. Is it any good?

Well, they are based on the old Vitesse's mold's
here's there website:
I'll see if i can find those japanese versions again
I didn't know Vitesse made a 1/43 DeLorean?

They didn't
Sustar has taken the licenses and some of the old molds from the old Vitesse.
But they are adding new cars including the DeLorean
Okay, but I still have never seen one of those in 1/43. I know the 1/18 version of it from Sunstar. I believe the pictures also indicate the 1/18.

Welly will release a 1:24 diecast Back To The Future DeLorean next month with an optional accessory pack to allow conversion to all three incarnations of the time machine.



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pffff 1/24 isn't good.
That's a weird size and there isn't a big market in
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