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RHD in the US...

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Maybe a dumb question but, I have seen several RHD Rolls Royce, Bently, Subaru and Jeep's here in the US. My question is; are there any RHD Ferrari's here? And if so, how much extra would that cost to get one? Or should I just ask my "local" dealership? Specifically a 360.

Just starting to look around seriously now due to some information I recieved recently. :wink:
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why would you wanna have a RHD????
they are a lot harder to find
Dj Dirk said:
why would you wanna have a RHD????
they are a lot harder to find
Well, exclusivity for one. There aren't many Ferrari's here (compared to other makes; ie Ford, Chevy, Dodge...) and having a RHD would just make it more special.
I'm not sure that's a massively good idea at the moment, as the dollar is so weak against the pound.

Here a 360 Spider will cost you £112,000 - which at the moment equates to $210,000.

How does that compare to the US price?
From your own perspective, it may be an absolute necessity to purchase a right-hand version. But, other people may not even notice the difference. They will just know that it is a super-exotic. I would save yourself the hassle and the cost and try to personalize the car your own way. Send away for some aftermarket parts after getting the 360 and make it your own. Ferrari owners often like to keep their cars stock. However, that doesn't mean you have to. Despite what I just said, you are buying the most modifiable Ferrari that exists. Although there aren't as many parts available as there are for the M3 or M5, you should still be able to find decent modifications that you can do.
Spyder, RHD cars Carry a higher prmium than LHD cars for the simple reason they're less. The factories will produce the LHD cars first then only the RHD cars. It's not worth your while to get the RHD car.

I wish we here have LHD, life would be so much simpler and cars would be cheaper!!
The resale of a RHD Ferrari in the US would be dramatically less then for the LHD. Nobody will notice the difference until you go to sell it. Don't do it. Besides importing a car into the US is a real bitch. You haven't seen paperwork until you try it.
Yea spyder, you guys are pretty lucky to get cars which are much cheaper than most parts of the world (unless you count the Saudi states..). If we had'd be so much easier...since all the exclusive supercars are always in LHD trim...unless you count the McLaren F1, which is neither Left or Right... :)
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