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Results on my 550 on a dynometer

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Here is the graph from a dyno test on my car. I am not sure what it means. I do know you will tell me.


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no go bart. i cant see it. if i could i would tell you exactly what it all means. i have messed with dyno's before.
nevermind i see it now. took a sec for the link to pop up. looks like some pretty good numbers. 434hp at the wheels is not bad at all. nice little power jump at 6400 rpm, probly when the motor really starts to gulp air. all in all i would say that car must pull like a train. wonder what a tubi and BMC race filter would do for added power?
I need more power in my car like I need another hole in my head. The thing has more than I know how to use. It can get very scary when I try to use it all.

Bart said:
I need more power in my car like I need another hole in my head. The thing has more than I know how to use. It can get very scary when I try to use it all.

Just bring you and your car to North Carolina and I'll teach you how to handle the power! :D :evil: :green: :p
you can always use a little more power. like my great debate is if i want to turbocharge my hayabusa or not. 180hp is fine but 300 would be much more scary. :D
seeing the graph makes me love ferraris so much more. all you other guys need to go take your ferraris to dynos. just make sure that u take it to a shop with a dynojet, that way we can compare the numbers of bart with all u other guys dynojet for dynojet.

bart the way that the torque graph looks like a mountain over the 300 fp line is amazing. usually graphs of other cars that dont have a motor designed by ferrari :green: the peek torque starts at around 3k and it just starts to fall off in a straight diagonal line downwards. on your FERRARI MOTOR, wich if i am not mistaken has the crazy cam's that are 3 dimensionally cut. keeps the torque from falling off like that along with probbably one of the amazing ferrari intake manifolds with telescoping runers. all theese things are just a few of the tricks up ferraris sleves to keep that mountain over the 300 fp line. ALL IN ALL IT IS -A M A Z I N G-

i use to tune cars and basically i would dyno cars all day long. trust me i have seen maaaaaaaaaaaany hp and tq graphs. i had never seen a torque curve like that one. its just breath taking. and also inspiring.

the closest i had ever seen to something like that was always on the honda motors with the variable valve lift. but even those motors fell off on torque.

it would be very very interesting to see more of theese graphs. i would love to see the evolution of the way that the graphs changed on the v8 motors from the older 308's to lets say the 360's that would be a pretty interesting thread. and also how that 2 liter v8 turbo motor, from that old 208 i believe, would look.

wow <---------------thats my conclusion
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j b i think u should turbocharge it :wink: 300 would b alot better than 180 hehehe

just b safe man
That is an impressive graph. It looks to me that for "spirited driving" you ought to be shifting around 5,500 - 6,000 rpms. Is that right Modena? Or should he shift later, say at 6,500, to get the revs up in the higher gear?

I wouldn't mind having my 308 done but I think I would be dissappointed with the results. It would probably look similar to Bart's, just cut all the numbers in half. (actually, half would probably be quite generous).
pete what appears to be going on there is that when the driver on that car shifts at redline or close to it. His rpm's, on average gear, will drop enough to go close to, or right on 55 or 60 rpm where power starts staying linear. that is where the car will pull forward with the most force. very very good--ferrari, as good as they are.

oh and btw you sould deffiniteley get your car dynoed it would be interesting to see how a ferrari motor from the 70's sings. you are in maine, i am in connecticut if you want u could take ur car to my old job. And let me know of course this way i can be there to see the ferrari getting dynoed :green: . its only 100 dollars. for an hours worth dynoing. you wont need to be there for an hour within 4 runs you will have enough information. its in milford connecticut. it will be a good excuse 2 drive the ferrari. <----i hope the moderators dont mind me posting links since they are advertising on this site now.
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