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Results: Best Looking Ferrari's By Era

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The results of the survey on best looking Ferrari road car in each of the following eras are:

1947-1964: 250 GTO
1964-1973: Daytona 365 GTB/4
1974-1994: 288 GTO
1994-Present: F355

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I'm not going to argue with that. I'll take any one of them and say "thank you" when you hand me the keys.
One thing I just noticed about the results is that 2 of the cars (F355 & Daytona 365 GTB/4) are obtainable for a reasonable amount (for a Ferrari), one is rare (288 GTO) but if you have the will and money can be found, and one (250 GTO) is in a acquisition league all of it's own.
yeah i agree wholeheartedly. I hope the 430 comes in to replace the F-355. I honestly can't wait to see one in the metal.
I want to argue ;-)

1947-1964: 250 LM
1964-1973: 330 GT 2+2
1974-1994: Dino 246 GT
1994-Present: 512 TR

Although I would prefer another classification:

1947-1950: 125 Sport
1951-1960: 250TR
1961-1970: 250LM
1971-1980: Dino 246 GT
1981-1990: 512 BB
1991-2000: F40
2001-present: 360 Spider

It is a tough one because the 288 GTO, 250 Europa, 365 GTB/4 and 550 Maranello also could make it to the list. An yes I know, I have cars in the list that were introduced much earlier like the F40, but they were still produced in the decade I mentioned them.

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I still remembering the 1970's and 1980's where I was a kid. My personal favorite cars of all are the 512 BBi, the original yellow Dino (in my opinion the "father" of the modern Ferrari design), the 308GTBi (1979/80??) and the 288GTO (1982). I'll never forget when I heard the GTO the first time :p
Niels, Suggest you start a new thread with your classifications. Boxer42
Nope not interested ;-) You just made it way to hard for me, because it would eliminate a lot of interesting ones I would like to keep in my all time favorites list!

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