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Replacing the 575

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If any of you may already know.

Ferrari's replacement for the 575M Marenello will likely be called the 600 Imola. Prototypes of the new V-12-powered 2-seater have been spotted undergoing development in Italy. The car will have a shortened version of the platform undepinning the 612 Scaglietti and, as a result, will retain its front-engine/rear-drive layout. Like the Scaglietti, the Imola will use aluminum space frame construction, but unlike that car's 5320bhp V-12, the Imola's 6.0-liter version will produce between 580 and 600 bhp.

The new car is larger than the outgoing Marenello, with a longer wheelbase, roomier cabin and additional luggage capacity. Pininfarina is in charge of the new car's styling, which is expected to differ as much from the Scaglietti as the 550/575 Marenello did from the 466M. A roadster version of the car is also reported on tap for 2007 or 2008, a year or two after the coupe bows.

If any of u can find a pic that would be nice. I can't seem to to find one.
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here ya go mate.

edit:there's a problem with the link, so i linked the site instead.
Thanks but I don't see a picture. It has a red X.
I already have that pic. You know of any of all parts of the car?
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