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What!?! Are you sure he meant $15k to $20k and not $1,500 to $2,000? I would look for a decent independant garage and get a second opinion.

I would be concerned about the axle boots because if they go then dirt and water will get into the joint and damage it. It is bellows shaped and the cracks appear down deep, you really have to get in there with your hands and pull the folds apart to look at it.

If the tranny or cam covers are leaking but you aren't seeing anything on the carpet than your new mechanic may just be being proactive. The leaks won't get better, but they may not get worse for a while. He should have simply told you this is an area of concern and he should put the car up on a lift for you and point out directly to you the problem.

You should not have to crawl around under the car to figure out what your mechanic is talking about. A good mech will take you out and show you the problem, explain why it is a problem and explain what the consequences of not getting it repaired would be. Let you make an informed decision as to what you want done.

I would not trust a guy that just hands me a list of what is wrong with my car and an outrageous estimate for repair.
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