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Looks good! I'm also curious as to what you used. My seats aren't as bad as yours in the before picture, but they sure aren't getting better with age.

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These seats are redone with black leather paint they sell over here in shoe stores.
Just clean the seat with the product delivered with the paint , then again clean it with a degreaser, heat up the seats with a heat blowing system, paint the warm leather with a brush, let it dry in a well heated room ( this is were our system for the house heatig is at) and there it is, shining as new.
Weve done this many times with Jaguar seats with good result.

These seats were original creme colored, but they were painted black when i bought the car. the previous paint was not a good job.
Now there are very good looking and those who seen my car today were thinking they are new.

Attached pict of the paint


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