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Reliability of manual vs F1 transmission

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Finally ordering my first Ferrari. I live considerable distance from Ferrari dealorship so it will be quite costly to have my car shipped for repairs in case of unexpected break-down. My question: which transmission is more reliable or does it matter. Also, can the F1 transmission be also run as a straight automatic or does one always have to manually switch gears. I presently have Sl55 AMG which I can run as automatic or paddle shift. Thanks.
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I've heard that clutch life is somewhat shorter in a car with the F1 option. But it could be greatly influenced by driving style too. But I don't have any first hand information to substantiate this.....hopefully someone with experience chimes in here quickly.
Stradale is our resident F1 expert and should be able to give you first hand insight on clutch life.

I have been told by several owners that the F1 clutch does wear quickly if you have to spend a lot of time driving in heavy traffic.
The F1 clutch has a reasonably "normal" life span. The excessive wear is due to stop/start situation that the car has to go through in city traffic. However the newer transmission ECU handles the shift/change much smoother and this perhaps will also enhance the life of the F1 clutch. Just like a manual transmission gearbox on high performance car, if you abuse the clutch it will go fast. So in my opinion the F1 clutch is just shorter on its life compared to the manual, just. But the enjoyment is so different, especially if you often drive on the contry road.
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