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REDLINE TIME ATTACK will be coming to Summit Point Aug 5th & 6th to the Shennendoah Circuit.
We have cars from California, Canada and all over coming to ther event. Top Tuner teams from JIC Magic, Cusco, Boxer4, AMS, Cobb Tuning. Dent Motorsports, DTM Motorsports, Buschur, Ferrari of Washington and more. Vendor booths from many of the top manufacturers such as Toyo, Hankook, NOS, Hawk and others. Media coverage from S3 Mag, Modified Mag, Luxury and Exotic magazine, Street Trendz and more. VIP / Tuner Showcase Car show is Sunday but you can come out and hang out in your preregistered spot on Saturday as well. Car show Registration is $15.00. Run the open track day for $200.00 or do the Time Attack on Sunday for
$200.00 or do both. For more info or vendor booth sales email at [email protected].


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