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Red Ferrari in Gainsborough - Sunday.

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Spotted this morning in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.. a red Ferrari that had collided with a lamp post at the main lights near Morrisons after racing some motor bikes.

Over took me at a silly speed and the bikes followed.

After admiring the car as it over took I was shocked to see the outcome of the drivers antics a few miles up the road.

Hope everyone is OK.

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Max, What was the model of the Ferrari, 308, 328, 355 etc.?
Hi Magoo

I don't know, I aren't knowledgable about Ferrari's.

It was big and maybe K registered as the personal plate began with "KEV".
Yep, the front end was completely smashed in. Front wheels seriously buckled. It looked written off but a car of that value... you never know what lengths people will go to, to get it back on the road.

The lamp post didn't look good either ;|
That's awful !!! Reckless driving can cost people their lives, no matter if your driving a Ferrari. What was he thinking racing some bikes to begin with?
This is the kind of incident that gives us a bad name. Racing's meant for the track. It's unfortunate the Ferrari was piloted by such an individual...Money buys nice things but has never bought sound judgement and intelligence.


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