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Rear Valance on My Early 308 GTB - Magoo, Peter, Ed?

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My 1976 308 GTB has a different rear valance treatment. Instead of the black slotted muffler shield, there is a metal center piece which attaches to the lateral fiberglass sections with screws as pictured here:

(see "valance detail")

I have a Euro ANSA muffler installed and the tips do not clear the central portion of the valance and so it has been removed:

(see "valance detail 2")

The OEM muffler's tips do not interfere. I have the OEM muffler and center valance piece in my garage.

Would it be possible to reposition the ANSA muffler to allow me to reattach the center part of the valance?



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I know a thing or two about Classic Coach... In my opinion you will not find a better place in the U.S. to have anything done in the world of Ferrari.
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