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Rear Valance on My Early 308 GTB - Magoo, Peter, Ed?

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My 1976 308 GTB has a different rear valance treatment. Instead of the black slotted muffler shield, there is a metal center piece which attaches to the lateral fiberglass sections with screws as pictured here:

(see "valance detail")

I have a Euro ANSA muffler installed and the tips do not clear the central portion of the valance and so it has been removed:

(see "valance detail 2")

The OEM muffler's tips do not interfere. I have the OEM muffler and center valance piece in my garage.

Would it be possible to reposition the ANSA muffler to allow me to reattach the center part of the valance?



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Barry, According to the photos it shows that the ext. come up higher on the Ansa conversion. To lower the mufller by dropping the pipes where they connect on the rear of the muffler may drop it too far and it would show or also the muffler may protrude to where the cover won't go on. Also to cut the pipes behind the muffler where they attach to the muffler could be very tricky. In any event it will be a touch and go job. You may have to take it to a muffler shop and have them make new pipes that attach to the muffler up inside the cavity that houses the muffler. These are only suggestions not being there and seeing the situation first hand. One thing you have going for you is that the muffler cavity should be large enough to acommodate a pipe redesign.
Absolutely Barry I would want to replace the orig. valance also. It really is a tough call to make without seeing it but I think there will have to be some serious cutting and pipe redesign done to correct it. The whole concept here of a repair is for the muffler to be brought straight down and lower the entire unit so the pipes clear the valance. The trick is to get the pipes designed that connect to the muffler from the manifold to lower it and not push the muffler outward. I'll bet you were ticked off when you got it installed and tried to replace the valance.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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