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rear shocks for a 412

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does any body know what rear shocks to use for my 87' 412?

or how I can find out?

or know of someone who can change them in the Orange County area of Ca.?
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You could find out by buying a shop manual. Are you looking to upgrade or just replace with original. Beverly Hills Auto Design could replace your shocks if you are looking to do that.

They are a board sponsor. If you contact them ask for Brian, I'm sure he can help you even if you aren't upgrading.

I'm really sorry to hear this, where those for factory shocks? Did you check with a local dealer?

You could also contact a local mechanic I know here in the San Francisco bay area, but I'm not sure that will help you. Here is the number: 415-861-2223, ask for Sal and tell him Andrew of Ferrari Forum referred you. I believe he could get he part for you but at what price I'm not sure. Let me know how that works out.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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