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Race Seat Project (308)

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PHEW, what a long day. Included two trips to the hardware store (various bolts/nuts/etc) and one to Home Depot (for DeWalt electric drill, tired of running out of battery power).

First pic is with seat out

Second and third pic is Sparco seat in driver, stock passenger.

Basically, i sit at a nice incline and about 1 inch higher. There is still a touch of headroom with the roof on (i am 5' 11"). While not pictured, have the roll bar done and the shoulder harnesses all mounted to it. All i need to do tomorrow is mount the passenger seat and bolt up the roll bar and i am done. Must admit, you really need to be a contortionist to get the seat in. It is better to leave ALL seat bolts loose during fitting.

IMPORTANT: attach the innermost seat bracket to the car first, then mount the seat (with door side bracket already on the seat, yet with screws loose). The "trick" is getting the innermost side seat screws tight and also the innermost rear bottom bolt tight to the frame. i customized a hex wrench to make the shorter part of the "L" very short. i have more pics and will write a full description after the first of the month.

As for feel, a brief drive with the lap belts and WOW, i will NEVER go back to those stock seats! More descriptions to come once i get everything mounted tomorrow.


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You are right about the mounting. My only experience is with an RX-7 but I can imagine it is the same for most cars.

I like those, very good looking. Right now it looks strange with one and one so I'm looking forward to the other photos. When you take them if you can get a shot from about 10 ft away I'm curious to see how they look from a distance.

What line are these? Roadster?

Looks like a great project. New shocks, and seats anything else? I think you are ready to race. Just need to get some slicks.
enjoythemusic said:
the tire place is going to heat cycle them for me and send them my way.

Excuse my ignorance, what does "heat cycle" mean?

Sounds like you have a good plan. Looking forward to hearing how it all ends up.

Looks really awesome! Thanks for the photos. Can't wait to hear the track report.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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