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Questions from '78 308 GTS Buyer

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Hello all,

I am looking to buy a '78 GTS (my first Ferrari), and I have a couple of questions. OK, a FEW questions!

1) I am curious if this model Ferrari has any trim tag to indicate the color of the exterior or interior of the car?
2) Are there stampings or castings numbers on the engine to indicate if it is original?
3) The interior looks original (black), but there are carpeted areas on the left and right undersides of the dash that appear to be a light brown color. Is this normal or was the original color likely tan, but changed in the past except for these pieces?
4) The car seems to have an occasional "chirping" noise that occurs from (I think) the tailpipes especially during accelleration. It is remarkably similar to the "chirpy" sound from an old VW beetle with original exhaust. Is this normal?
5) Any recommendations on books with lots of technical info (I've got parts manuals on order!)
6) This is a ridiculous question (you have to see it and have more info I know), but is $17,500 a decent price for this car, providing that the body is entirely rust-free, the paint is an 8 of 10, the interior is a 7 of 10, no accident history, two owner, 90K :eek: miles, gold :-? exterior, black interior?

Thanks so much in advance for your help! Sound like a GREAT board!!!!!!!! I look forward to hangin out here often! :p

Michael Hampson
Marietta, GA
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Thank you VERY MUCH for the info!!!

Thanks so much for helping out. I am freaking out wondering if I'm making the right decision, and am supposed to wrap up the deal this afternoon!!!

Keep the responses rolling in!!!

Well, I bought it!

Thanks so much for your help. :D I checked the engine stamping (actually casting) and it was F106AE which is right according to the owner's manual. There is also a stamping (or was it cast... I can't remember) that reads 01517. I assume it's an engine serial number of some sort.

The paint color metalized sticker (I see now that it is mentioned in the manual) is blue with a silver background and has a handwritten code of 633.4.015. I guess that's the code for gold. The tag also has some Italian on it "Salchi" and "Questa Vettura e Stata Verniciata" and "Con Smalto" followed by the written code. I guess this is the original tag. Looks like it.... according to Babelfish, the sentence reads "This Car and Be Painted with enamel". "Salchi" must be the paint brand used. Cool!

All of the chassis number stampings were the same 29453 on the steering column, frame rail next to the engine, and door jamb.

I'll start delving deeper tonight. I hear it calling my name from the basement right now!! :p Whoohoo! I have achieved another childhood dream!!!!!!!!

Gotta go! :green: :green:

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Here's my new baby!


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Yep. It's mine!

Dj, yes, it's mine now! I drove it home this afternoon (it's 7:00 PM here now). I'll start tinkering with it tomorrow. There are a lot of little things that need attention.

Niels: Is the interior code printed on the car anywhere? It's not on the tag that has the paint code on it. I would like to know if the interior is the original color.

My manual lists the F106AE as the engine code, so it must be for U.S. cars. Interestingly, I was interested in a basket case a couple of years back which was an '83 GTSi and it was also the same color gold.

Thanks for the compliments!

Thanks Guys

I really appreciate the compliments.

So far, other than general cleaning, all I have done is removed the door panels and disassembled and regreased both of the electric window motors (the drivers side doesn't have much longer to live as the cable has begun fraying, but it now works great). The grease inside the mechanisms was extremely hard :eek: ! I actually had to CHIP it out as best as I could, and then soak the parts in lacquer thinner to remove the remnants. No wonder they didn't work!

Next is the timing belts and tensioner bearings. I am going to post on the technical board to get advice on this one. Sounds scary! Not as scary as the price at the dealer, though!

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