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Questions from '78 308 GTS Buyer

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Hello all,

I am looking to buy a '78 GTS (my first Ferrari), and I have a couple of questions. OK, a FEW questions!

1) I am curious if this model Ferrari has any trim tag to indicate the color of the exterior or interior of the car?
2) Are there stampings or castings numbers on the engine to indicate if it is original?
3) The interior looks original (black), but there are carpeted areas on the left and right undersides of the dash that appear to be a light brown color. Is this normal or was the original color likely tan, but changed in the past except for these pieces?
4) The car seems to have an occasional "chirping" noise that occurs from (I think) the tailpipes especially during accelleration. It is remarkably similar to the "chirpy" sound from an old VW beetle with original exhaust. Is this normal?
5) Any recommendations on books with lots of technical info (I've got parts manuals on order!)
6) This is a ridiculous question (you have to see it and have more info I know), but is $17,500 a decent price for this car, providing that the body is entirely rust-free, the paint is an 8 of 10, the interior is a 7 of 10, no accident history, two owner, 90K :eek: miles, gold :-? exterior, black interior?

Thanks so much in advance for your help! Sound like a GREAT board!!!!!!!! I look forward to hangin out here often! :p

Michael Hampson
Marietta, GA
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Sorry can't answer GTS-specific questions but you should get hold of this book (you will become an overnight guru!):
"Original Ferrari V8 - A Restorer's Guide" by Keith Bluemel (unsure how spelt)
ISBN 1-870979-78-8

Despite it's title it doesn't show you how to spraypaint, etc but goes into the fullest detail about how each model was specified, eg engine, trim, paint colours, tyres, badges, ID plates, etc, etc. It covers all V8 models from 308 GT4 to F40 and has lots on GTB/GTS variants. The only info missing is decoding the VIN number, but that is available elsewhere on the web.

The engine no is stamped on top of "vee" at cam-belt end. I don't know how to determine if it is a replacement, although the actual engine TYPE code should match your car model.

Good luck on the rest.
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Looking into things a bit more, I don't think you will find a VIN number (the 17-digit ZFF.......... number) on a plate on the car, as I think they only started around 1980. The car should have a metal plate on the RHS of the engine bay which gives the vehicle TYPE code (should be F106AB) and a chassis number. The chassis no. should be an odd no. somewhere in the 24000 - 28000 range for 1978?

The only way I can think of vetting the engine is to check the plate fixed in the vee at the top of the block at the RH end. It should have the type code F106A (or AB?) and a number. I don't know what range of numbers would correlate to 1978 but anyone here with a car around that age should be able to give you an idea. Any other type code means that the engine has come from another model (eg GT4).

While you're checking numbers, the chassis number shaould also match a stamping on the top RH chassis rail adjacent to the engine-bay plate, and also the plate fixed to the topside of the steering column.

I think the yellow paint sticker mentioned by Niels may be on the underside of the engine compartment lid.

Good luck :D . If really unsure, remember that these models are pretty freely available and something else will come along soon.
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Well researched and purchased, Michael.

I think the colour (color?) is so flattering on the car. IMHO ligher colours show off the sensuous lines of the 308 better than does red or black, etc. And metallic is even better at emphasising the curves away from the light source.

A real head turner. I'm jealous! :evil:
I wonder if he finished refurbing that air pump ... :eek:
Pete04222 said:
Nope, the ad says that the air pump is off the car and disassembled.
What a pity - that will knock a bit off the top speed. :D
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