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Questions from '78 308 GTS Buyer

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Hello all,

I am looking to buy a '78 GTS (my first Ferrari), and I have a couple of questions. OK, a FEW questions!

1) I am curious if this model Ferrari has any trim tag to indicate the color of the exterior or interior of the car?
2) Are there stampings or castings numbers on the engine to indicate if it is original?
3) The interior looks original (black), but there are carpeted areas on the left and right undersides of the dash that appear to be a light brown color. Is this normal or was the original color likely tan, but changed in the past except for these pieces?
4) The car seems to have an occasional "chirping" noise that occurs from (I think) the tailpipes especially during accelleration. It is remarkably similar to the "chirpy" sound from an old VW beetle with original exhaust. Is this normal?
5) Any recommendations on books with lots of technical info (I've got parts manuals on order!)
6) This is a ridiculous question (you have to see it and have more info I know), but is $17,500 a decent price for this car, providing that the body is entirely rust-free, the paint is an 8 of 10, the interior is a 7 of 10, no accident history, two owner, 90K :eek: miles, gold :-? exterior, black interior?

Thanks so much in advance for your help! Sound like a GREAT board!!!!!!!! I look forward to hangin out here often! :p

Michael Hampson
Marietta, GA
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About the color tag, there should be one in the engine bay. It is a yellow sticker with a color code on it. This is the exterior color. I am not sure the interior color is noted anywhere...

BTW, I don't think it is easy to determine if the engine is original. I think the engine numbers are not the same as the serial numbers, so 'matching numbers' do not exist with the 308 series. You can see if the engine TYPE is a proper one for a 1978 GTS, but the engine number itself can't tell you much unless you know which number should have been in there in 1978.

Although not for GTS 308s, maybe this can be informative:

The Bluemel book gives a F106AB engine type, so the E probably stands for another market? It is not mentioned in the book.

The color code you mention I cannot find but most probably it will be Oro Chiaro. The interior code should have a VM code and black is VM8500 and tan or cream are VM4208 and VM3997 respectively.

Seen this colour just once, very special!

Looks like it is an honest car, enjoy!

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Actually I do not know where you could find the interior color code. Somehow I seem to recall I have seen VM-codes sometime. I am not sure if it was in the engine bay or not. It might be possible that it is a sticker in de door or maybe in the front lid??? Just check every sticker you find and looks if it has some VM-code on it ;-) It's weekend now, so you have two days to turn the car inside out :green:

1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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