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Yes, here is all the info collected:

11061 (currently offered by Beverly Hills Classic Cars)

Identified as 365 GT 2+2. Destinazione Motor Roma, Italy. Assembly sequence no. 8, body no. 10/A. (H. Raab's FSN Part I, 2nd Ed.).

Offered 1974 David Stadsklev, Tucson, AZ. 37,000 miles (FCA Jun 1974).

Offered 1988 Walnut Creek Ferrari, Walnut Creek, CA. Red with tan interior. New paint, upholstery, exhaust, clutch, brakes, transmission, etc.

Listed 1980-1993 FOCUSA Rosters by Sam Ladki, La Jolla, CA.

Offered 1994 Symbolic Motor Car Co., La Jolla, CA. Red with tan interior. Special front-end bodywork--long nose, covered headlights, built-in driving lights. 29,000 miles. $130,000 spent on restoration. (FML 1910).

Entered Jun 1995 Rosso Rodeo by Sam Ladki.

Offered 1996 by Symbolic Motor Car Co., La Jolla, CA. Red with tan interior. Over $130,000 spent on complete restoration. (FML 2114).

As of 10/5/04 - Beverly Hills said:
" Have a deposit on it-will let you know in the morning if sold. It is a great running car but I know nothing about its prior history, which is why it is so reasonably priced."

On 10/6/04 they said it had been sold.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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