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Sorry no photo of a car-seat in a GT4 but I've gotta tell you that it is MUCH tighter in there than a Mondial. I have looked hard at both, and with the front GT4 seats pushed back enough for a reasonably tall person (say 6') they almost touch the back seats. Even small kids need to sit splay-kneed with their feet to each side of the front squab. :ugh:

The rear seats also have a pronounced vertical curvature or dishing, especially from the front down & up the backrest(a bit like a hammock) as well as side-to-side, so I'm not sure how well a child seat will fit. They are generally designed to sit onto a fairly flat surface.

I'd say there's no substitute to finding one and trying it out, plus checking what seat-restraint fixings it has (bearing in mind the age of the GT4 - kids seats weren't invented then I don't think).

Finally, if you had a Mondail 8 or even QV before you should still consider a 3.2 or the 3.4 "T" model. The 3.4 has a genuine 300hp which is WAY WAY up on the 8's 215 or so. It may be a good compromise. Good luck!
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