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Although, I do like the 308 GT/4 very much as a driver's car ... handles well, a lot of fun, and almost reasonable to maintain (in the context of Ferrari anyway) trying to put a child into a car seat in the back of a GT/4 might not be the easiest thing one has ever done. The car is a bit low and a bit cramped when one is trying to climb in and put anything into the back much less a child.

The 400 series (an injected model with automatic) can be found in reasonable condition at a similar price to a comprable GT/4 if one shops around. The one major problem with the 400 series is the costs of things that break. Some components are priced higher than even one's worst expectations ... total suspension rebuild can be a shocker: total engine rebuild will cost about twice the value of the car. The handling is "sure footed" if not nimble.

The thing to remember about the 400 series is that these automobiles were constructed in their time as the "top of the line" GT cars from Ferrari: sort-of-like the 612 of today. The first owner probably had tons of money to maintain the car, the second owner maybe not so much maintenance, and the third owner may have only fixed what was necessary to keep the car on the road. Careful inspection and evaluation of the overall condition of all systems would be in order with these cars.

Just my opinion

Best wishes
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