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I am looking for advice and or assistance in finding my first 308 QV. I've done my research on the net, read all the buyers guides, I bought the books, studied ebay auctions, etc. I'm in San Diego. Other than ebay, Google looking for car for sale pages, what other avenues do I have to find my special ride?

I am looking for a red with Beige interior GTS QV. Any advice on finding a person to do a Pre Purchase Inspection?

Should I be e-mailing dealers around the country?

I've read through all the forums and know the pros and cons. I want to be hands on with maintenance and performance upgrades, brakes etc.. I have the Manuals etc.

So, any advice would be appreciated. I read on forum where a guy spent 8 months searching for the right car for him. I hope I don't have to wait that long. I hope I can be driving it soon.

Thanks in advance for your help and direction.


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Marc, Sounds like you are doing all the right things. On the time, 6-8 months is not unreasonable for finding the right car. Many owners plan for taking up to 12 months. Much better to be patient than rush out a buy the wrong car and end up with major long term headaches.

Suggest you check the Classifieds here.

There are 3 cars listed whcih would seem to fit your criteria.

The Ferrari Market Letter classifieds are another good resource.

Have you seen the 308 Buyers Guide in the Members section ?

Good luck.
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