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looking for a 308/328 (that style), still the newbie in Ontario
this one is a NO go, but just so you know what i ahve looked at 81 308 (328 body clone) in London Ontario

supposedly was bought off eBay for 21k US, asking 40k CDN. I have totally moved off this one!!

so I want something I can drive, not be ashamed of (or embarrassed by) and know I can always sell in that far off day in the future

so narrowed down to 3 units

85 328 in Carolinas, current F-chatter
site at

eBay auction at

asking around 38-40k US
seems good shape and taken care off. Traditional red/beige (not sure if I am getting tired of or not)
condition attracts me to this one
85 k miles

81 308 in Colorado, 27 k miles
silver with red, recent major service, asking 31k US, recent major servicing
here are the pix sent to me

password is "308"

site is at

i would hope the colour is not a hard sell (are odd colours hard to sell later?, do you ever tire of them?) colour and price a bit attract me to this one

88 328
no website but drove this one
pix i took at

password is "328"

has had major service done, currently about 67k KILOMETERS (42K miles), asking 48k CDN but probably take 45k CDN.
she is in ontario so shipping costs are saved. Good shape, some small issues will be fixed at Peninsula Motors in Oakville (any experience with them, anyone?) by Ferrari mechanic who has serviced it for past 7 years with current owner. Current owner bought from a chap who literally died 2 days later (heart attack, 70 year old too many women supposedly!!) so records prior were not found. However, he has kept on top of her. He knows this previous owner was not the best of drivers, damged front pass fender, had it repaired (replaced with Italian piece, not aftermarket) i cannot see the repair at all) no tool kit, ding in trunk dead center (touch up with paint (blotted) runs great, up to 8k rpm with no issues, apparently small pinhole in coolant somewhere which will be fixed now that spring is here, same for on again off again squeal (belt/bearing? in engine area while idling) and for pass door which does not latch every time)
i belive this is a rare 88.5, built apr 88 (the 88.5 is supposedly desireable, is this one of them, how do you tell?) i have the vin as well He will certify and even drive her up here all for 45k CDN
the year attracts me (i like the older rims in fact though, not the "bulge" ones but not a big deal)

all are willing to do a PPI (my cost, what shoudl i expect for a cost and is ther a "standard" set of F-things to look out for/expect from a PPI?)

so, which would you recommend to buy, and why?
advice, comments in negotiating, things to demand/insist on etc. (learned alot from the 81 308 with no records!)

Gord in Ontario Canada

[email protected]
tel 705-385-1203
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