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Punia 308QV (1984)

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Came across this car while just crusing arround the web. The color shows off the lines of the car very well. I don't know what serial number it is though.

Here's where I found it.
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Looks good, but clearly a re-paint. Thanks for sharing.
senna21 said:
The owner claims it's not. He said the paint is listed as "Punia" and has seen a Testarosa in the same color. I'll try to email him to get a paint code...
Ah, really? I have seen this on a Testarossa, but I didn't know it came on this model too.

I don't have that in my list. Closest thing is 'Prugna' but I don't know what this looks like either. Here is that list for anyone interested. I want to get photos to match each color.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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