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senna21 said:
The owner claims it's not. He said the paint is listed as "Punia" and has seen a Testarosa in the same color. I'll try to email him to get a paint code...
Ah, really? I have seen this on a Testarossa, but I didn't know it came on this model too.

I don't have that in my list. Closest thing is 'Prugna' but I don't know what this looks like either. Here is that list for anyone interested. I want to get photos to match each color.

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Your spelling is correct, mine is WRONG. Here is his original post,

"My dream car for over 15 years is now a reality!
I had been searching for the perfect 308 for over 5 years until I finally found this beauty. It's in flawless condition, with only 19,388 miles when I bought it 3 months ago. The color is very rare, custom order only. I'm not sure how many Ferrari's were produced in "Prunia" although I know it's very few and I have only seen one other Ferrari in this color, and that was a Testarossa. The car has all books and records, it's just perfect. When I look at it I feel like I'm standing in a 1984 Ferrari showroom picking out my next car! The wait was worth it. I stole this vehicle for only $28,900 from a private seller here in Texas. Oh, and by the way, that's not my house back there, it just happened to be in the area where I was shooting my pictures. I was mainly trying to capture the color correctly but I still don't think these pictures do it justice. Anyway, thanks for looking."

As I said I'll reply to his posting on the site above and see if I can get some info on the car. I.E., serial number and paint code.
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