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I picked up my 348 today :D

I went down to Essex by train, and drove it home, thinking it should take 2 or 3 hours to get back. I didn't count on it being bank holiday weekend and it seemed like the whole of London was trying to make its way up the M1 motorway so it actually took me 6 hours to get home.

The car is fantastic, everything I had hoped it would be. A lot of my journey home was a crawl, which was frustrating as the car seemed to "want" to press on at a reasonable speed. Having said that, apart from my left ankle starting to ache a little due to the heaviness of the clutch, the car behaved perfectly in heavy traffic, the temperature & oil pressure etc staying where it should.

It also rained a bit on the way home and apart from the wiper blades being past their best, the rain didn't cause me any problems whatsoever, so who says all Ferraris break down when it rains?

Because I'm back so late I haven't been able to take any photos yet but assuming the weather is ok this weekend I'll definitely take some and post them here for you guys to see.

I'll probably go to Donnington this weekend for the big Ferrari / Maserati get-together so maybe I'll get some of a few other models too.

For now, here's the four pictures the vendor took when he was selling the car.

Someone on here (I think) had asked me how much I paid for it the other day, I paid £38k GBP which I think is a reasonable price. Kent Performance cars have one almost identical which is up for £43,500 right now.

The car has covered 23k miles with 2 owners, the guy I bought it off had owned it since it was 2 years old and hadn't used it recently due to an expanding family keeping him busy.



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Excellent!!! Glad to hear it. Sweet looking car and I think you got a pretty decent deal on it. Hope to hear about some of your motoring adventures as the summer progresses.
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