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My apologies in advance if this is a re-hash. One of the biggest difficulties of all websites is re-hashing of a particular subject.
I for one, would love to see a major international race, competed by cars which can be bought by mere mortals! I know Ferrari make special cars for this, and Maserati too, but a race like the Le Mans 24, done with available sports cars?
We now have A1 racing, which just slightly seems to appear to maybe lean towards political politics in the realm of petrol-heads??
I would be so in love with a race where "Ford" fights with "Ferrari" with "Porsche" with "Mercedes" (white with "Renault" with "Honda" etc.
When I was about 6 or 8 years old, I fell in love with Ferrari. Jacky Ixcks and company riding red Ferrari's. But even then 1968'ish, I saw and loved the 246 Dino. At such a young age these cars completely stole my heart! Why?? Porsche didn't, a wonderfull car. I believe that being able to see a 599(what's that?) racing against a Carrera Gt would be soooooo wonderful, even if the XJR comes along and beats them all!
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