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production info on 365 gtc

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How do I get production information on Ferraris. I'm interested in purchasing a 365 GTC in black (nero). Out of the 168 or so cars produced, I'd like to know how many were black, and out of those numbers, the color of the interiors and any optional equipment on those cars. I understand the factory keeps all this info, but how do I access it? Thanks.
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Uhm, not accisible at all I'm afraid. Ferrari never gives away info. They do have all the original info, but cars were later repainted or given a new interiour. The register located here has some info I think. Indeed 168 were produced. If you have a specific s/n you're interested in before purchase, maybe I can help you.
Not much help I'm sorry:

But I have a more complete list on my computer that I have not gotten uploaded to the site yet. I will look at the info and let you know what I come up with. I can probably get the number of blacks, but to get individual info on each would take time and I might as well add them to the register for easier viewing.
I have had some luck in the past getting information on specific cars (you need the S/N number) from Ferrari via the Owner's Site. The Ferrari Market Letter also has a wealth of information in its archives. Boxer 42
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