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Problem fixed, now i can enjoy the sunshine!

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Problem fixed! :D :D :eek:ha: you might remember my last post that my power top on my 355 spyder was not going down. I just got inpatient and spent all saturday ripping the whole thing apart. I removed the whole top from the car, and disassembled the frame work and started over. The top on this car is so over engineerd it is rediculous!! No wonder people have so many problems with this top. It does so many different things in sequence that it is amazing that it ever worked. I cleaned every part, put it together piece by piece paying close attention to the tolerences adn adjustments (this was a pretty tall order with absolutely no books or schematics to go off). Once I had a grasp on the design and what it is supposed to do, it was not too bad, just time consuming. If any of the adjustments are even a liitle off, the top will hang up and get stuck! But after about 6 hours it was done and works better than ever! Absolute butter! So I guess it is possible to work on these cars yourselfe as long as you take your time and do not force anything
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was something just jammed or not oiled properly? Well, you see now, Ferrari's are also just cars. When you stay calm you can do a lot yourself.
Wow some reverse engineering it seems, nice job on getting this fixed yourself and you are right. These cars can be worked on by ones-self, just look at our tech section.
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