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Price for 1995 F355?

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Does anyone have an opinion on what a 95 F355 Spyder 6sp, Rosso Barchetta/Beige, 13k miles, in excellent condition should cost?
The dealer is asking 107,500.

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I bought my 95 355GTS for £53,000 sterling. at $-£ rate of 1.5-1 thats about $77,000

Seems that the prancing horse is one thing that is more expensive over there than on this side of the pond.

However, think of it this way. I've just filled up with petrol (sorry, gas). It cost me £52 (thats $76) and it will last less than 200 miles. Thats 26 pence or about 40 cents per mile. :eek:

As long as you do more than a few thousand miles a year, I reckon you guys still get the better deal.

PS - a left hooker could be bought for about £45,000 or under $70,000. Why not take a UK holiday, find a 355 and have it shipped back to the USA, and still have loads of change compared with your $107,000 dealer price.

Just a thought.
Thanks for your reply. Yeah, fuel is a tad bit more expensive on your side. I've looked at, and seriously contemplated getting one from Europe, then have it converted to meet our Dept of Transportation requirements. The total cost of converting, shipping, etc. can run into the $20k-25k range, so the difference in price isn't as great as I first thought. If everything goes as planned, I'll be in mine on the
28th of June.

Dumb question, but, how do you like your GTS?

Not a dumb question.

Car is great. Noisy, rattly, thirsty, hard. Bloody great :D

The buying experience was terrible though.

Go to

I would never buy from the same dealer again. Its quite possibly the worst buying experience I've EVER had for ANY product. The local heroin dealer probably has better customer realtions :roll:
Nigel, I can tell the Ferrari Passion is creeping up on you. Forget the experience with the dealer and enjoy the car of a lifetime. Regards, Magoo
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