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Press conference Schumacher

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This wensday Schumacher is going to give a special press conference. Rumours are saying he is going to announce his retirement. Wensday 13:00.
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aren't they saying that for about 2 years now?
Do you think he will?

I think he might announce that next year will be his last. There is still one statistic he wants to beat (he says he doesn't care, but I think if you top any other list, you might as well go for the last one: poles) and then it can be enough. If you have won so many races this year, why not add some races more. If he announces his retirement for next year, I am surprised that Ferrari hasn't mingled in the silly season and that all other 'top drivers' like Montoya, Ralf, Webber, Button, Raikkonen are spoken for. Would only leave Coulthard or a rookie which I doubt are the guys Ferrari wants to have. Rubens is a very good driver, but I do not see him leading a team like Schumacher did.

So my idea is his announcement of retirement will be made tommorow, but not for next year, but the year after that. Gives Ferrari plenty of time to look for a new leading driver (or even drivers, since I expect Rubens to quit as well not to long from now).

I hope it's to confirm his contract till 2006, so that the media will leave him alone now.
Stradale said:
I hope it's to confirm his contract till 2006, so that the media will leave him alone now.
LOL he fouled the paparazi! He's staying!
just checked out your F1-site: the least I can say about that one special section of it: nice pics! :wink:
What was the press conference about anyway? I can't find anything yet on teletekst and I am to lazy to search it on the internet ;-)


something about schumi wanting more media attention because McLaren stole to much attention away with their 1st victory this year, and schumi wanted to get more attention since he won his 7th title
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