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Hi all,

Has anyone ever experienced a power loss on the 355 or 360? I heard some stories about this and am wondering if this is the case with my car.
If so, what could the possible causes be and what are the possible solutions?



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hi there i happen to have a problem like that in italy.
I am a Ferrari Mechanic.
I've never fixed a 348 o 355 but expet those i had my hands in all the others

Sometimes even if you go to a Ferrari Dealer don't know what to do with a power loss.

It's extremily important to check a thing i happen to discover myself but i don't want to release becouse i am going to write a book about it.

I just want to tell you that took me almost two years to find it out.

At the end this ferrari was all apart but i found it.

If you have one of this problems you can email me.
If it is what i think nobody can fix it expet me.

Let me know
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