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Wish to register two new SNs for a Dino 246GT and 365GT4/BB

Hello, this is my first try to this forum. I wish to register my two Ferraris which I acquired recently. First is a 1969 Ferrari Dino GT Tipo L (Type L) SN 00508, number 54th Dino GT, European model with 64000Km. LHD Color is black w/red interior. I purchased this from the previous owner in New York. This car was imported to Yokohama, Japan last July 2004. The second Ferrari is a 1973 365GT4 BB. This car underwent total mechanical restoration for the last two years and should be in excellent running condition. I am having it repainted and it should be ready in a few weeks. SN #17585. Red w/black leather interior. w/regards Jimmy Chen Shiba DDS
1 - 2 of 335 Posts