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12037 was the number originally used on Daytona Prototype #5.
Original exterior color Azzurro Metallizzato. Shown at the October 1968 Paris Motor Show, then at the factory press day in Silverstone 1969. Then on the 20th October 1969 Ferrari's engineer and test driver Antonio Cocozza and co-driver Gian Andrea Bianchi were killed in this Daytona, the car totally destroyed and scrapped.
The number 12037 was re-used for a new 365 GT 2+2 which was painted Bianco Tetrarch 1.441.110 with Nero Franzi interior and sold new to Sosa in Caracas, Venezuela.

Marcel Massini
Mr. Massini how are you.
Do you know where can I get and example of the color Bianco Tetrach, in order to repaint the car in his original color.
I thanks very much about the information, I know this car since a was a little boy, they where my neighbors and thats the reason I do have this car and others he used to own, Mr. Sosa was very fond of sports cars and he really enjoy driven them. He had Alfas, Ferraris, Aston Martins and some others ones that I do not remember. He past a away years ago and I have very nice memories of him, he was kind of a hero for us.
Best regards German
PD Sorry for my English
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