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Welcome 945s.

Actually it sounds a bit like a "personal" ad ...
"Porsche guy wants to cross over. Seeks Ferrari with wax & toned body, hot looks & great performance for good times." :eek:

I would expect that a lot of 348s go privately, less so the 355. Dealers would handle most 360s, as most have low mileage & they can get a good margin.

Allow a fair time to find the right car - they often come onto the market in bursts so there may be more private cars in the new year. Most asking prices are too high, as many owners have a car for only a short period & think they are an investment (wrong). The FML would be a good source of info. Best advice I can give is research everything & look at everything. You will quickly become an expert in the model(s) you are looking at, much more so than many owners, & that is the position you want to be in. Good luck.
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