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Porsche guy wants to cross over

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I think I need to give Ferrari a try.
I've been going over the past posts here and it makes sense to me to find a late 348 or 355 for my first Ferrari.
One big question I still have is where do you guys buy and sell your cars ???
I have been looking around the usual internet and magazine ads that I use to buy and sell and it appears most Ferraris are for sale at dealers (I'm in USA). I typically buy from private owners as I feel I get a better feel for a car by knowing the actual owner a bit. I have found with Porsches there always seems to be many cars for sale by private owners but I'm not seeing the same with Ferraris.
Is the Ferrari Market Letter worth trying ???

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Welcome 945s.

Actually it sounds a bit like a "personal" ad ...
"Porsche guy wants to cross over. Seeks Ferrari with wax & toned body, hot looks & great performance for good times." :eek:

I would expect that a lot of 348s go privately, less so the 355. Dealers would handle most 360s, as most have low mileage & they can get a good margin.

Allow a fair time to find the right car - they often come onto the market in bursts so there may be more private cars in the new year. Most asking prices are too high, as many owners have a car for only a short period & think they are an investment (wrong). The FML would be a good source of info. Best advice I can give is research everything & look at everything. You will quickly become an expert in the model(s) you are looking at, much more so than many owners, & that is the position you want to be in. Good luck.
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