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Porsche nut changes side

I was a porsche nut/fanatic untill I saw the black 97 355 on the internet and bought it the next day. I have owned 911sc, 84 911 3.2 (Still own), 91 c-4 Cab (still own), 03 996 Cab (now for sale).

The 355 is beyond any other porsche I can compare it to (even 996 turbo cab for test drive). The 91 964 I own is the closest comparison with its 4 wheel drive and race car feel, but with only 300hp modified and heavy car still would be smoked any day by 348 or 355, cant mention 360 other level.

The 996 feel like it drives itself. I cant drive the 355 every day, but what a change going from porshce to ferrari....
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