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Welcome to the forum. One of our members' Dermot, was a Porsche guy for years. Finally one day he decided to get an F355 which has now led to 2 360s after that and an F430 on the way.

Porsche is an awesome car but it is like a 911 owner told me who wants to switch, the car has no soul left. What he meant was the 911 is so solid, every problem, quirk and little nicknack has been worked out making the car boring in his eyes.

A Ferrari on the other hand has a little more personality. While the cars are reliable they have quirks and as an owner only you'll know how to drive the car (like 308 floormats often get pushed up into the pedal, simulating curise control when you don't want it to).

Ferrari Market Letter is a great start, also check our classified section, it is growing but still not as large as FML. We have a Buyer's Guide for the F355 ( and a guide for the 348 coming soon.

Let us know how the search goes and if we can answer any specific questions about a particular model.
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