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Pocher 1:8 scale kits...

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Hi Guys,

Surfing allong the way I also came agross this pocher site... ...anyone her got a pocher? It's been a long time since if seen one for sale (new). It seems like poches only sales porsches and a benz here in holland...

Here's the site...
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I have, it's the F40 in 1/8. I think that's the only Ferrari big model that they made. It was very expensive then. I bought that about 10 years ago and still have not assembled it. :oops:
They also made a TestaRossa, a normal one and a spider version.
Marcos, is that in 1/8 too. I think I've seen it before but wasn't sure if it was Pocher. There was never a Testarossa Spyder model from the factory so that model is not something that I want to have.

Forza, I like your work-room, it's so organised!
it is 1:8, but I personally didn't like these cars. They were a bit to plastic. Haven't seen them in store over 10 years I think...
Yes now that you mention the "plasticky" look, I remember I saw it in the shop window where I bought the F40. It wasn't nice.
Getting the Kyosho 1/12 F40 instead is a better option over a Pocher kit, and it does look much better too. I got one and would not trade/sell it for anything else!
I got that recently and it's beautiful!! I also got the 1/12 F50 by Tamiya, the first issue that was out some 8 yeras ago. I'm waiting for the 1/12 Enzo by Tamiya. Have booked one and it's supposed to be out around this time. Tell me if you see them in the store already.
I'm for the big models. I have the Amalgam 1/8 scale Ferrari F2000, F2001, F2002 and F2003-GA.

I used to collect the 1/18 and the 1/42 scale but the small ones are expensive. I still collect the 1/18 though. But now I concentrate on the 1/12s and the 1/8s but these rarely come into the market.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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