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Please read this...

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This is not meant as a "See what I did" post, but merely a "how I felt" one.

Today, the Hot Wheels Club I helped to start had another of our shows. There were lots of people there. Around 100 or so. One in particular was a little girl who is very ill. She and her family are staying at the Ronald McDonald House near the place we held our show. One of the guys who was a key participant in getting her to our show came up to me and told me something. He told me that Heather had fallen in love with one of my 1:18 scale Ferrari's. In particular, my black Enzo. He also told me that out of the thousands of cars that were for sale or show there, that she went looking for him to ask about my Enzo. He told me that he had one at his house and that he would send it to her, but it would be at least a week before she got it. So, I decided to give her mine. We walked over to her and he introduced her to me and then we walked over to my table. I knelt down and said "I hear you like one of these Ferrari's?" She said yes very softly. I asked her which one and she pointed to the Enzo. I then picked it up and put it in her hand and asked her if she really liked it and she again said yes very softly. Then I told her she could have it and her face lit up so bright. It was such a cool feeling to see that happen to such a sick little girl. It felt really good to know I had made her so happy.
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Man that is so cool to give away a Ferrari Enzo. That means u r nice. The little girl will look forward to you giving her a real Enzo now. LOL. :D
I got the picture. It is nice.
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