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Re: Picked up my F335 Berlinetta yesterday!! & tyre ques

Erikdee said:
After 4 Porsche 911's this is my first Ferrari and it is an amaaaaazing car! :p Ferrari red with a black leather interior.
I'll post some pictures very soon!

At this moment the car has Pirelli Pzero tyres which need replacement pretty soon (< 2.5 mm) Any advice on which tyres I should use?
I can get the Michelin Pilot Sport. Any experiences with these?

From what I've heard Dunlap (Dunlop?) are suppose to make good performance tires. I'm not sure how their Z rated tyres are but check those out. I don't have personal experience with them but my brother did and he said they were excellent. Michellin of course are very good too.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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