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Photos of every tipo...

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I came accross this whilst searching for some pictures of 'old cars' for my car mad 2 year old boy.
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Wouter is still far away from having all Ferrari's models on there
I think we are much closer with the gallery, register and photos section here.

Eat your heart out:


Sorry, I just really love that stats page and all the work that went into it. That is every model we have photos for. We did have all the racing models in the Photos section and I think Dirk will be updating it soon so we'll have more coming.
Very nice I enjoyed looking at the pics, but the car picture I was surfing the web for was the 312 F1, which features in the game Grand Prix Legends 2004.

This is it:
there's a new Grand Prix Legends out?? awesome

ah, Rob took that pics at the FCA Councours this year.
man, you should have seen them at the Concours, matching short trousers, matching shirts, matching hats & matching sony camera's :lol: :green: :nuts:
That car sits about 2 km from my house. A great car for sure.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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