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Photos: Mille Miglia and Maranello!

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Hi everybody!

Yesterday I finished two photo galleries of my trip to the start of the Mille Miglia in Brescia, followed by a short visit to Maranello and by some "spotting" in Munich (Germany) and at some dealerships. So, lots of pictures of Ferraris!! Here is the link to my page:

Greetings and enjoy the pictures!

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Hey, nice gallery. You've got some nice pics in there.
Cool photos thanks for sharing. I like all the 612 photos in Maranello.
Wow, what beautiful photos. Man what an experience.

Thanks for sharing. :)
next year i might have to go with you to the MM Edvar :wink:
I'm glad to hear that you all liked the pics! And Dirk, you may blame our dear Enzo250GTO if I won't go to the MM next year: Japan is now on my list! :p
well it's on my list also, i already wanted to go last year after the summer but some stuff came up :(
this year i already did Monaco and will go to Monterey, BTW are you going to be there or not?
so next year, the TDF & MM and japan also then i guess :green:
Monterey is still on the list, but I still haven't booked anything. Simply because I don't know yet what I want to do before and after the event. Maybe a bit in California, maybe visiting some friends at the east coast, who knows? I will let you know ....

For 2005 I'm currently thinking about a visit to Japan (and perhaps Hong Kong or China) in April/May, and in November some non-Ferrari stuff in Costa Rica, Brasil or Patagonia :nuts: . But my plans often change :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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