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Thanks Barry! I have decided to retain the stock airbox and put the saw-z-all back in it's case. :D

To all others: Yes, I really do think those rims make the car. My original intention was to get a 100% stock car, but I was offered this one well under book so I basically got those rims (and tires) for free. I am not sure of the brand, although there is a builder's stamp on them. As soon as I can get the digital camera back from my girlfriend I will post a shot of the rims and a close-up of the stamp. Perhaps someone here can help me identify them.

The tire sizes are: Front - 205/55x16, Rear - 225/50x16. They are Firestone Firehawk SZ50EP's; pretty good tires. Whoever chose the brand/size chose well. The ride is extra smooth and I have put the car through some pretty good paces and have yet to hear the tires squeal in complaint. They stick.

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OK, OK, OK!! Man, you are killing me with these stories of driving your car through it's paces. You know I haven't driven mine yet and how much it hurts to hear of another enjoying their 308...Still, you continue to torment me.... 8)



P.S. Happy to hear your car is treating you as well as you're treating her...
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