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I just got back from Paris today
i went there for the Concours d'Elegance Louis Vuitton Classic.
this year only 2 ferrari's present a Lusso and a TDF
but some of the other cars present sure made up for it.
Afterwards we went for some cruising in the city and well here's a list of what we came across.

at the entrance of a hotel
white murcielago, maybach 57, 2 360 spider, esprit turbo, RR Phantom :eek: and arnage cabrio
afterwards we made a stop at the showroom of Aston Martin, wich was also fun 2 DB7 GT, DB7 Vantage, DB7 Vantage Cabrio & Vanquish
later on the street another DB7 Vantage
then some more ferrari's
355, 355 spider, 400, 2 360 modena, another 360 spider, 456, 550 maranello
tons of porsche turbo's and cayenne's
and even 2 Hummer H2's wich found very suprising, and some more RR and 2 bentley continental's and 1 continental R
and the best
2 Stradale's wich we more heard then saw

afterall a very fun day

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I'm not really sure
but they are from the same owner, the maybach parked behind the lambo is also his, and the hotel where they where parked is also from him.
apparently he has several places all over the world and he uses his private jet to get there, but he always takes his cars along so he has a private transport plane for them. The guy should have an amazing car collection
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